Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Clues

OM ~ Generosity
MA ~ Ethics
NI ~ Tolerance and patience
PE ~ Perseverance
ME ~ Concentration
HUNG ~ Wisdom 
Sometimes clues as to where my path is leading next come to me in unusual forms. We are standing in the uncomfortable darkness of uncertainty these past couple of months, so I am more open than ever to receiving Guidance however it wants to come to me.
Sometimes I have a very powerful and completely unexpected emotional response to a line in a book or song or meditation that causes a sudden welling up of tears of profound gratitude or deep sorrow that shows me what's to come next for me. Sometimes I am struck with a thought of absolute clarity like lightning out of nowhere in the middle of the sidewalk or the living room or the grocery store. Sometimes someone I am with will say something completely out of context or character and I have the undeniable sense that what they have just said was spoken not by him, but through him.

And sometimes messages come in the form of a $4.18 check...or something written in the sand just minutes before I arrive at the beach.