Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have never actually experienced "cabin fever"...until now.

For the past five days I have been inexplicably grumpy. I have made lists and lists of reasons--the house hasn't been cleaned for weeks, I'm behind on the laundry, I have been eating too much junk, we're on the verge of a financial crisis and Snacks needs an immediate ortho consult...--but as all those issues have been resolved, I still find myself in an unbearably crabby state.

Finally today it became clear to me: I hate Minnesota weather at this time of year. And if we had the means, I would happily get us the hell out of here for the next 6-8 weeks.

It's sunny and relatively "warm", but I can't get the kids outside for any length of time because they don't want to play in the mud and crusty snow (I can't blame them), and they don't want to walk more than half a block wearing their rain boots (can't blame them there either). I pushed them out howling this afternoon which lasted only until Snacks locked his sister in the hen house after I told him he couldn't throw any more crunchy snowballs at her.

I so badly want to be sitting out in the back yard under the sun umbrella reading a book or watching the kids in the wading pool. Heck, I'd even be happily pulling weeds right now if it meant being outside.

I'm toying with the idea of trying to dig one of the lawn chairs out from under a couple of feet of snow and ice so I can sit on the one spot of dry sidewalk we've got in the sun. Then I can at least pretend it's spring...

It just might do the trick.