Tuesday, February 9, 2010


While I am more than ready for spring, I really needed this fresh coating of snow. Two days of pure, fluffy flakes have covered up the brown, crusty disappointment that February had become.

We have spent the last two days snuggled up inside relaxing and watching the snow fall outside, going out only when we wanted to.

I'm starting to think about getting out the gardening books to see what needs to be started inside and when. I'm wondering where all those tiny planters are going to go since we only have one tiny area with a counter and good light at this point. It's time to turn in the contract for the community garden plot for the 2010 growing season, and I'm trying to figure out how to make the best use of the sunny spots in our yard this year.

If the city inspector ever shows up and we get our small animal permit, we will go pick up our chicks at the end of March. There are all kinds of preparations and much learning to be done before then.

So we are looking forward to what is to come, and trying hard to appreciate the wintry doldrums now. With all that we've got planned, I suspect we'll be looking back and longing for this quiet downtime before we know it.
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