Friday, June 20, 2008

My Glass

I have been feeling very down on myself for the last few days.

Instead of concentrating on the many things that I have been doing really well, I have been focusing on the one thing that I have not been doing well (granted, it is one REALLY BIG THING as far as my weight loss goes...).

Tonight I've been trying to work myself out of my Glass Half Empty mode and think through all the HUGE things that I've changed that have stuck and made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

So tonight my glass is half FULL:

I have not had pop for MONTHS--I used to have 3-5 a day.

I RARELY have big sugar binges--I used to have them every day.

I rarely eat sugar at all--I used to eat MOSTLY sugar and little else.

I used to eat fast food every day (sometimes more than once)--I have cut down to anywhere from zero to 3-4 times a week (this is my One Big Thing).

I spend a lot of time at home--I used to hate being at home at all.

The kids and I walk to a park almost every day--I RARELY did that before, even when Snacks would beg.

I go to Target only once a month--we used to go almost every day.

I spend significantly less money since we are not going to Target and running around all the time (and I'm not buying all that pop and sugar).

I have been baking and even EXPERIMENTING (previously unheard of for me) with recipes.

I have turned my evenings into a relaxing time for ME to do whatever I feel like doing, instead of racing around trying to get my To Do List done (and things are still getting done!).

The house is clean and organized, the beds are made daily, the toilet is scrubbed, the refrigerator is stocked, and the lawn is mowed every week.

The laundry is always folded and put away.

The bills are paid and the checking account is "in the black."

I have read several books in the last couple of weeks--it used to take me MONTHS to read one.

I have spent an ENORMOUS amount of time writing.

I am doing things to "stretch" myself outside of my comfort zone to help further my writing career, even though those things make me feel scared and uncomfortable.

I am yelling at my kids about 75% less than I used to.

I can much more easily let Stupid Shit my husband says and does roll off my back.

I relax A LOT more.

I love my life.