Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Check-In

I was pretty checked out this past week but, miraculously, I still had a loss.

I am down one pound this week.

I am 46 pounds from goal; 35 pounds below where I started.

My Habits for last week:

Every Day

Read morning prayer--100%
3 daily pages + Gratitude Journal--I think I did this twice all week
Use my FLYLady Control Journal--solid
Follow my Momentum Work-Out plan--missed two work-outs
Do Kelly's Missions--I did check these, but already had them done; need to change this up
Do Weekly Pamper Mission--Nope!
No pop--100% (woo hoo!!)
If I want to eat sugar, I'll first drink glass of water and write three pages about why I want to eat it, how I will feel, and what the effects will be afterward--I gave myself "permission" to eat dessert w/out doing this on Friday night since it was a special occasion, which led to a binge on Saturday...
Read something for myself for at least 20 minutes/day--I totally spaced that this was on my list, but I think I actually did it!
Don't go to Target (except on Mondays)--stuck to it!

I was out of my normal routine this weekend, which gave me an excuse to skip a couple of workouts and not stick to my plan. Truthfully, I would've been totally fine without the dessert late Friday night. I wasn't even craving it, but I ordered it compulsively. Saturday someone left a batch of chocolate chip cookies at my house and since I was already off, I ate most of them and then agreed to go out for a lunch that I didn't even want.

The good news: This time the difference is that I was able to get back on plan in less than 24 hours. That is huge for me. One binge in the past has usually gotten me off track for weeks or even many months. It was awesome to have a structure that is working for me--both with work-outs and food--that was easy to get back to.

I'm going to clean up and fine tune my list of habits for this week:

Each Day:

Read morning prayer
3 daily pages + Gratitude Journal
Keep my FLYLady Routines
Follow my Momentum Work-Out plan
Do 15 minutes of Zone Cleaning
No pop
Use my YLD food journal
Read something for myself for at least 20 minutes/day