Friday, May 16, 2008

More Quotable Snacks

Lately, the House Fairy has been visiting Snacks in the middle of the night. If she notices that Snacks has put all his toys, clothes, and craft supplies away before he goes to bed, she will sometimes leave him a tiny surprise covered in fairy dust.

I recently left a note for the House Fairy letting her know that I was having a hard time with Snacks because he whines and complains so much. She had the brilliant idea of putting together a weekly chart for Snacks that he can check off several times a day. If almost all of his boxes are checked off at the end of the week, she will bring him an even bigger surprise.

Here is what the House Fairy listed on Snacks' chart:

Be quiet in the morning (he gets up at 5:30 and starts whining and complaining).
Get dressed by yourself without whining or complaining.
Eat breakfast without whining or complaining.
Clear breakfast dishes.
Go for morning walk without whining or complaining.
Eat lunch without whining or complaining.
Clear lunch dishes.
Eat dinner without whining and complaining.
Clear dinner dishes.
Put jammies on without whining and complaining.
Pick up toys, clothes, and craft supplies.
Get into bed without fooling around.
No talking after lights out.

Also, if he goes the whole day without whining or complaining about any of our plans or activities, he can check that box before bed time.

Today Snacks noticed that there were several lines of the chart that were empty, so he asked me to add the following items so that he could check them off each day:

No peeling bark off of trees
Only playing in the dirt by the fence
No messing with flowers
No digging up the grass
No playing with Mommy's statue

And my personal favorite: No pulling Sissy's hair...

Me: "But you don't pull Sissy's hair."
Snacks: "Yes I do, when you're not looking."