Sunday, May 18, 2008

Despite the Fact That I Sliced My Thumb Open...

it has been a fabulous day.

I had an "Oh my G*d, this is how normal people live!" moment when I was baking a pie (yes, Julia, you heard that right, I was baking a pie) late this afternoon.

I had a slight "sugar hangover" this morning when I woke up after eating a burger and fries and a few bites of key lime cheesecake at dinner after Em's graduation last night. I was really happy about feeling terrible since that meant that my body isn't used to eating that way anymore (used to be McDonald's drive-thru every day, remember?).

J and the kids slept until SIX THIRTY this morning which was HUGE because it meant that I got to eat breakfast AND shower all by myself this morning. It was heavenly.

Snacks was on his best behavior today working really hard to follow the guidelines of his new House Fairy Chart--she really tightened the screws for this week!

We ended up working around the house all day and got so much done. Things that we have been putting off for MONTHS (like FIVE months in the case of the dresser that got parked on our front porch last December), we got taken care of today. It felt so good.

Sissy napped and I got to read by myself in the yard while Snacks and his dad went to check on how The Big Rig is coming along, and took a load to ARC and another to Whole Foods.

This afternoon, I picked rhubarb out of the garden and baked a no sugar/no white flour rhubarb pie (it was the rosemary potatoes that did me in, incidentally, not the pie...), while Snacks pounded the crap out of every rock in the yard he could find with a sledgehammer, and J and Sissy hung out watching him.

Despite a quick break from dinner prep to make a family run to Urgent Care, we had a nice family dinner with (virtually) no whining from Snacks.

Although the day may sound completely unremarkable, it is a MIRACLE for me. J and I did not fight the whole weekend. Since I've been following the Radiant Recovery plan, things have been so much different. I had fries without skin and a white bun and some cheesecake last night and I felt like crap for it and got back on the wagon again today. No big deal, yet totally unheard of for me.

We stayed home almost all day. I didn't feel like I had to run away, pack the kids in the car and just GO somewhere; anywhere. I didn't have to figure out how I was going to get my "fix". I still don't have a ton of patience, but I'm not crabby and bitchy and obsessed with what I'm going to eat and how I can get a treat. I ate one small piece of my homemade (no sugar/no white flour) rhubarb pie and that's all I wanted. I'm not sitting here jonesing for it and trying to figure out when and how I can eat some more without being noticed.

It feels fucking AWESOME.