Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Ran My Personal Best Today...

I decided only a couple of days ago to run the shorter version of the race I started training for earlier this spring. I had hoped to run the 10K race, but only a few days into my training, I realized my foot wasn't healed enough to compete.

Now that I'm finally on the mend (woo hoo!), I decided I would still take part in the event--just in a lesser capacity--and I'm really glad I did.

Even though it was cold and snowing (last year I ran the 10K in a tank!), I had a great race. I shaved almost SIX MINUTES off my 5K time just from February, and ran an 11:50 mile, which for me is HUGE! I finished with the runners, instead of at the front edge of the walkers.

Just before the finish line I had to say a little prayer that I wouldn't either puke or have a heart attack (thankfully, I didn't do either), and DAMN if that didn't feel AWESOME.