Monday, April 28, 2008

We Spent the Day Yesterday

in Wabasha. I decided at 7:00 a.m. that we needed something to do on a Sunday when it was forecasted to be cold and gray, so we loaded up the car and took a road trip down the river.

We walked along the Mississippi Riverfront looking for Bald Eagles. We didn't see any, but we had a nice walk in the sunshine.

We had lunch on the water at Slippery's where Grumpy Old Men was filmed, and then walked back to the National Eagle Center where Daddy and Snacks went to a program to learn about bald eagles. They got to watch an eagle named Columbia scarf down a dead rat (Snacks later declared that rats are crunchy, which was MUCH more information than I needed...)

while Sissy did a little browsing in the gift shop--the results of which can be seen below...

A little further down the road we visited the LARK Toy Factory for a ride on their hand-carved wooden carousel...

and icecream...

which Daddy had been waiting for ALL DAY LONG.

The End.