Saturday, October 2, 2010

We've been spending these fall days mostly exploring farms and river towns and chasing the changing colors as far as we can. We've seen cows and eagles and mansions and rising flood waters. We've learned about locks and dams, gin poles, and lumbering. We've dined on a deck over the St. Croix and picnicked next to the Mighty Mississippi.

But sometimes, some of the best homeschool moments happen when absolutely nothing is planned...

This morning we went over to Dowling for a clean up day to make up some volunteer hours. Though at first he groused at the idea of having to be there at all, Snacks ended up spending almost two hours on a gorgeous, sunny fall day working beside two grown-ups whom he had never met before. I proudly listened as he happily conversed intelligently and politely, and watched as he was able to help the older men with things his eyes, back, and fingers could do more easily than theirs.

And I'm pretty sure that during the course of the morning while working with those kind and patient men, he learned more than just a thing or two.