Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Every once in a while I have the fleeting thought that maybe Snacks is missing out on something by not being in school. When that happens, I quickly try to run through a typical day in my mind and I instantly feel better. Today was a perfect example.

This morning Snacks sat in the kitchen poring over the chicken hatchery catalog looking at all the different breeds while Sissy and I were baking bread. He learned about the standard characteristics of each breed, its history and origin, and what it's best known for (gentle demeanor, cold-hardy, good layer...).

Later we went to meet our milk farmer for the first time this spring. We were early so one of the adults showed the kids how to make wreaths out of the downed willow switches and they all worked diligently while we waited.

After lunch we went to a homeschool presentation on reptiles and amphibians. We ran into two of Snacks' playgroup friends there. We got to see turtles, lizards, snakes, salamanders, tree frogs, and toads, and all the kids got to touch a tortoise and a huge albino Bermuda python.

John was home early this afternoon so he took the kids to play basketball outside at the park across the street and then they dug dirt in the sunshine in the back yard.

This evening Snacks and John watched a program on PBS about the Civil War.

Throughout each day the kids ask all kinds of questions about the world and about life in general. We talk about all kinds of things like why someone might destroy someone else's property, how drugs and alcohol can make you do bad things, why some kids have two moms, how people get to be on professional sports teams, how Elvis died, evolution vs. creationism, how honey bees are declining in population, how to make a lemon meringue pie, and so much more.

We read books and directions and signs. We do math when we pay for things, get gas, figure out how long it will take us to get somewhere, work with the fish tank, and when we bake and cook. And, of course, our life is one big science project!

We participate in Cub Scouts and play sports and take art classes and dance classes and hang out with our friends at the zoo and the History Center and Como Conservatory and Orchestra Hall and the Children's Theater and the Science Museum and in parks.

All of this is why my doubts are so fleeting. Our life is so much richer now...because we feel like we're living it.