Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grocery List

Just for fun I thought I'd post one of our current typical co-op shopping lists. It's fun to look back at things like this to see how they (and we) have changed over time.

Grocery List
  1. Bragg's organic raw apple cider vinegar
  2. Whole wheat bread flour (local, organic, bulk)
  3. Rye flour (local, organic, bulk)
  4. Maple syrup (local, organic)
  5. Eggs (pastured, local)
  6. Steel cut oats (local, organic, bulk)
  7. Butter (pastured, local)
  8. Yellow popping corn (local, organic, bulk)
  9. Miso (organic)
  10. Bubbie's dill pickles
  11. Toothpaste
  12. Frozen veggies (local, organic)
  13. Bananas (organic)
  14. Tea (organic)
  15. Dried split peas (local, organic, bulk)
  16. Carrots (organic)
  17. Fresh-ground peanut butter (organic, bulk)
  18. Whole wheat pastry flour (organic)
  19. Raw wildflower honey (organic)
  20. GT Dave's kombucha