Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday I had the loveliest birthday in recent recollection. The kids (read: John) made me breakfast in bed. I got to lounge around for a while (which never happens), and then was presented with my birthday present made by Snacks--two "flowers" in a "vase"--plus the birthday cards that the kids made which I will save forever.

I walked around Lake Harriet with Kari and along the way enjoyed some pink frosted cupcakes from YUM! (which she carried in a fancy box most of the way around the lake) as my official birthday cake.

John took the kids to the pool so I got to spend the entire afternoon by myself sitting in my favorite place--the patio under the umbrella with the dog at my feet--where I pored over all my notebooks from the past year and took a fascinating trip down memory lane.

Then I wrote up my personal goals for my 39th year:

1. Fit into a pair of size 8 jeans.

2. Focus more on ME (in fact, my new mantra for this year is, "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul,"--yep, I got that off of a tea bag...).

3. EMBRACE my role as a stay-at-home mom and recognize that, though I contribute minimally to our bank account, I HAVE VALUE.

4. Learn to live comfortably within our means--whatever they are.

5. Put 100% effort into my marriage.

After my fabulous and relaxing afternoon alone, John and I walked to my current fave restaurant--Craftsman--had a delicious and leisurely local/sustainable candlelit meal (complete with TWO fancy drinks and dessert!) and enjoyed a nice stroll home.

Happy Birthday to me!