Sunday, September 20, 2009

39 Things I'm Grateful for on My 39th Birthday

( no particular order).

1. My life (in general)

2. My health

3. My husband and two sweet, beautiful, healthy children

4. My dog (and the sweet memories of my others)

5. Our cozy, beautiful home

6. I still have my parents and my kids still have all their grandparents

7. My family is safe and we are together

8. I get to tuck my kids in every night and kiss and hug them every morning

9. John has a job and we have health insurance

10. We can afford to have me stay home with the kids

11. We can afford good, healthy, quality food

12. I have learned how to cook

13. Our cars are paid for

14. We have cardinals, blue jays, and hummingbirds in our yard

15. We have great neighbors

16. We know wonderful farmers who carefully and lovingly produce our food

17. We got a garden spot at Dowling (and now there's a waiting list 150 names long)

18. I have great friends

19. I have lots and lots and lots of wonderful memories from the last 39 years

20. My kids are strong and curious and thoughtful and bright

21. I am surrounded by many beautiful and meaningful things

22. I have the gift of optimism

23. I am strong and resourceful

24. I have a lot of experience and many, many skills

25. I love to learn

26. I love to mentor

27. I am surrounded by grass and flowers and trees and gardens

28. I can hear crickets through the open window

29. I have a special spot in the yard where I love to sit and read

30. I get at least a little time for me almost every day

31. I can find support when I need it

32. I am surrounded by books that I love

33. We live just a few short blocks from the river

34. We have comfortable beds to sleep in every night

35. When I lie in bed and look out the window all I can see are trees and sky

36. I found the courage to cut most of my hair off and I love it

37. I have options and am free to make my own choices

38. I have the job I've always wanted--being a stay-at-home mom

39. I will likely have at LEAST another 39 years (and hopefully many more) to have wonderful experiences, meaningful relationships, and many more precious memories