Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today was a busy but satisfying day of work:

Full breakfast for everyone followed by lots of laundry catch-up after not having a washer for over a week. Got Sissy fitted for ballet slippers for her fall class and then dropped her at Minna's to decorate her Pinkalicious birthday cupcakes for tomorrow. Modified Alice Waters' Ratatouille recipe to use up lots of CSA veggies and some yummy sausage from the Trad Foods warehouse. Cleaned out and organized the upstairs freezer, watered the food plants in the back, and brought the laundry in from the line just in time for the rain to start (it rained only because I had just watered, of course). Picked up the house, threw together quick dinner of leftovers while John gave Snacks a haircut, and got the kids to bed. Made cream cheese, worked on ANOTHER trial version of fresh milk yogurt, soaked oats and pizza crust for tomorrow.

Whew! Feels good.

This week's veggie faces from the CSA box:

Veggie Face by Sissy

Veggie Alien by Snacks

Today's cucumber harvest from the back yard: