Monday, June 29, 2009

I love Sundays. It's the day we clean the house, put clean sheets on the beds, and I have plenty of time to be leisurely in the kitchen.

After our breakfast of fresh-baked bread, sausage and eggs, I finished making up the homemade cereal, granola, and yogurt, and made hard-boiled eggs for our lunch.

John spent most of the day in the yard with the kids. He trimmed up all the bushes and sent the kids in with two huge bunches of hydrangeas that we put in the kitchen and dining room. He and Snacks took apart Snacks' fort (a.k.a. my shed) while Sissy napped in the afternoon.

For dinner we had brats from the Trad Foods warehouse, fresh broccoli from the CSA box, and brown rice cooked with fresh garlic scapes and green onions.

It was a good day.