Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love being immersed in the world of growing and preparing food--it is becoming more and more a big focus of my life. One year ago I hardly knew how to cook; now I'm making three meals a day from scratch and enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

Wendi and I went to see Food, Inc. last night and John went to see it this afternoon. I haven't been able to talk John into reading any of my books, so I was thrilled to discover that the film rolled many of my very favorite books up into 90 minutes that would hold his attention. He came home ready to build a chicken coop in the back yard and even offered to help us fill the water barrels at Dowling this afternoon.

Earlier today Snacks helped me make bread. I measured and he dumped, and then we each kneaded a loaf while talking about why we don't buy our bread from Great H*rvest anymore (for example, they're not organic and they get their ingredients from C*rgill...) and what it means to genetically modify food.

I tried whole wheat bread flour instead of spelt flour in my rye sourdough loaves today. They felt a lot different while I was kneading them--less pliable, I think--and they didn't rise nearly as much as I expected them to. Also, they feel slightly heavier, if that's possible. I can't wait to slice one tomorrow morning to see how they handle and, of course, how they taste!

We had homemade pizza for dinner tonight for the first time in a long time. It was so much fun going out to my "kitchen garden" and cutting fresh basil and oregano for the sauce. I used green onions and garlic scapes from the CSA box. John grated the pizza cheese and made a spinach salad and the vinaigrette while I rolled out the pizza crust and made the sauce. It was nice working in the kitchen together, even if we do end up tripping over each other and arguing about who gets the only cutting board.

I've got yogurt warming overnight and granola and cereal soaking to bake tomorrow. Eggs from the farm with my fresh-baked bread and sausage from the Trad Foods warehouse for breakfast tomorrow. Can't wait.