Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Check-In

Not surprisingly, whenever I have a Wednesday where I've gained, I have ZERO DESIRE to check in. But I'm forcing myself to do it tonight--if only because I knew Jen will check (hi, jen).

I'm beating my sugar addiction and had lots of successes this week, unfortunately part of beating the sugar cravings included eating a lot of fruit and eating several tons of cheese...which, of course, showed on the scale.

This next week (and I already started today), I'm working on the following:

Curbing my new cheese-instead-of-sugar habit

Getting away from eating at night (where did that come from this week???)

Getting back on the scale every day (the once a week thing didn't pan out as I had hoped)

Walking or running more--not so I can eat more or lose more, but because I am tired of feeling my muscles atrophying and I've been having trouble sleeping, which sucks on many levels