Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Soccer

Snacks started summer soccer yesterday. He was really excited to play. At five, he is super focused on winning, even though I have been trying to explain that the fun is in the playing--it's not about winning or losing. This is a point that is totally lost on him, of course.

The first day of soccer went much better than the first day of T-ball, when Snacks hit himself on the back of the head with his own bat (the coaches forgot about the batting helmets...). At T-ball he was generally bored so he found his own entertainment by putting his glove on other kids' heads, kicking up gravel in the in-field, and wandering off the field so his dad had to keep running out to tell him to go back to his base.

Soccer was a blast for him because he got the ball a lot and the coaches had them constantly running.

So far, he loves it!