Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Check-In

This was a great week for me.

I am down six pounds this week.

I am 47 pounds from goal; 34 pounds below where I started.

My Habits for last week:

Every Day

Read morning prayer--100%
3 daily pages + Gratitude Journal--missed a couple of days
Use my FLYLady Control Journal--solid
Follow my Momentum Work-Out plan--100%
Do Kelly's Missions--oops, forgot about these the last few days...
Do Weekly Pamper Mission--Did it!
No pop--100% (woo hoo!!)
If I want to eat sugar, I'll first drink glass of water and write three pages about why I want to eat it, how I will feel, and what the effects will be afterward--Didn't eat any sugar the whole week!
Target only on Monday--I actually stuck to this!!

Interestingly, not going to Target was harder than not eating sugar, but both saved us a lot of money. I've been faithfully using a food journal this week to help me track my protein, change "whites to browns", and avoid sugar. I realized that I was only eating 1/2 the protein I needed for breakfast to keep me from freaking out by lunch, which is when my bingeing always started.

It's been a challenge trying to make sure I get enough protein with each meal, especially when we were eating on the go, but it's been SO WORTH IT. I haven't missed the sugar at all or felt deprived, even when I had to watch Snacks eat birthday cake with lots of frosting on Monday night.

I've also noticed that a) I haven't yelled at Snacks nearly as much this past week (and, no, it's not that his behavior has improved any), and b) while I've been working on a really stressful project this week, I have still been able to stay steady with my food. Normally under such circumstances I would have been eating crappier and bingeing more than usual to help me "manage" the stress. Instead, I've really enjoyed the project, even though it has pulled me out of my comfort zone BIG TIME.

Something else I noticed that's worth documenting for my future self is that I was much more relaxed over the weekend when we didn't have any plans. Normally that's a recipe for disaster for me and would mean J and I would be fighting the whole weekend, but this past weekend, while sugar-free, I realized what one of the major reasons is for that whole dynamic. I suddenly became aware that so much of my anxiety on the weekends was about figuring out how I was going to get my "fix" when J was home and aware of what I was doing. If we didn't have plans that either incorporated sugar, or that would allow me to sneak out and get sugar, I would totally freak out and become obsessed with figuring out how I was going to get it. Wow.

This week I will keep the same list of habits from last week, with the exception that I need to go to Target one additional time to get Snacks a pair of gym shorts (he needs them before Monday).

My new habit for this week is to read something for myself for at least 20 minutes each day, no matter how busy I am.