Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What They Were Up To...

While I was typing up my weekly check-in, the children were very busy.

I told Snacks I would not get his money containers down for him while I was working. Being the clever and innovative child that he is, he decided to take matters into his own hands:

Once I recovered from the freaking heart attack that I had upon discovering what they were up to, I got the containers down for him.

Snacks is learning how to count money. He has counted out more than five dollars and wants to go spend it. On anything (hence the tantrum he had moments ago upon learning that we aren't going to Target for at least a week).

While he has been counting, I've had to contain Sissy so she won't mess with his piles of money. I put her in her highchair and let her rifle through a make-up bag that has essentially become my Junk Drawer in the bathroom since I was planning to clean it out today anyway.

Somehow I managed to take this photograph of her and didn't notice her chubby little finger was jammed into a tube of lipstick...

until a little bit later... when it was too late.