Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Check-In

I have already broken the news to Jen that in the weight loss department, I sucked big-time this week.

I am up four pounds this week.

Yes, you heard me right. FOUR FREAKING POUNDS. I am attributing some of this to Aunt Martha (just to be nice to myself), and Jen is attributing some of it to my strength training (just to be nice to me), but the truth is, I was on a major binge bender this week. Worse than usual, I'm afraid, because several days my bingeing went into the evenings, when it's usually limited to afternoons.

The good news is that I must, at least, be losing inches because my husband said to me this morning, "Wow, you must really be losing weight!" (and we all know HE wouldn't say that just to be nice to me).

My Habits for last week:

Every Day

Read morning prayer--98%
3 daily pages + Gratitude Journal--missed several days
Use my FLYLady Control Journal--solid
Follow my Momentum Work-Out plan--100%
Do Kelly's Missions--solid
Do Weekly Pamper Mission--I learned this week that if the Pamper Mission requires assistance, PAY SOMEONE because I can't rely on my husband to follow through (it was a massage this week)
No pop--100% (woo hoo!!)
No chocolate--fell off the wagon with this one
No frosting--one day slip-up
No Target--went once, which is better than SEVEN TIMES (I caved in to Snacks' begging)

This week I'll keep working toward 100% on what I've already put together, except I will take out no chocolate and no frosting and replace it with the following:

When I feel compelled to eat sugar, I will first drink a glass of water and write three pages (I will carry a notebook in my bag) about why I want to eat it, and how I will feel and what the effects will be afterward.

I will also limit Target to MONDAYS, which will give me more leverage with the other Target addict in our home.

I am also journaling my food, which I will continue.

Despite my gain this week, I am feeling really solid about my fitness--I had a kick-ass 5K run last weekend and knocked 6 minutes off my time from a February run. I feel strong and in control in that department. Now I just need to find the same sense of control I am feeling with my workouts and with my routines, with my FOOD. I think I can get there this week.