Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Day at the Office

In preparation for Sissy's half-day camp in the morning, we discussed what she would like to take for a snack.
Sissy: All the other kids get to take JUNK FOOD! I am NOT taking anything that we have here!
Me: I'm not buying junk food. And I'm sure the kids don't take junk food to this particular camp.
Sissy (tearfully): Yes, they DO! They ALWAYS have junk food!
Dad: Well, we have some leftover Zebra Cakes from the camping trip...
Sissy: Okay! I'll take those!
Me: Okay, but don't advertise that you have a Zebra Cake because I am SO EMBARRASSED to be sending you with junk food for a snack.
Since it turned out that someone (Sissy) had eaten all but one of the Zebra Cakes so that there was only one to take but four days of camp, we are at the co-op looking for camp snacks that we can agree on that she can take for the rest of the week.
Sissy: Oooooh! Nectarines! I'll take those for my snack!
Me: Okay, what else do you want?
Sissy: That's it. Just the nectarines. All the other kids had just berries for their snack today.
Me: What?!? You told me that they ALL would have junk food!!
Sissy: Yeah. They all had berries, so I just looked at my Zebra Cake like I didn't know what it was and said, "What? What is this THING that my MOM sent?!!