Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Big Fat Do-over

As I mentioned, oh say, a year or so ago, I have really been missing this blog and I keep meaning to get back to it. I keep meaning to get back to writing in general and I keep meaning to keep a log of my children's growing up, which I have mostly been a failure at doing. Somewhere along the way I got the notion in my head that I couldn't write a blog post if it wasn't a perfectly written essay, (which I have been pretty much incapable of writing for the past several years). I'm not sure how this happened. But then, out of the blue the other day, I realized the irony of the fact that my blog is titled Running from Martha, referring to Martha Stewart and her perfectionism. Ha ha ha, the joke is on me.

So now I am going to feel free to post completely inane things like this again:

Today my beloved green 1998 Honda CRV reached 222,222 miles and I thought that was pretty cool. Among other things, the check engine light is stuck on; the driver's side window doesn't roll down; the locks work only when they feel like it (so sometimes I get locked inside); the CD player, the clock, and the rear wiper haven't worked for years; the heat only works if the car is in DRIVE; and the cold air from the AC only comes out in a trickle (which is especially annoying since I can't roll my window down). BUT I still LOVE my car!

So I'll be back to recording my notes as my blog description says, and hopefully my children will forgive me for the Lost Years...!