Monday, September 7, 2009

Today was essentially the last day of summer since school starts tomorrow. Snacks will be in first grade. I can't believe I'm a grown-up and that I have a first-grader. I remember my own first grade teacher, Mrs. Slowe, well. I loved her so and even accidentally called her "Mom" once, which I was terribly embarrassed about at the time.

It was a wonderful, memorable summer. Perfect weather, plenty of fun activities, and many, many teachable moments ranging from where our food comes from to how the economy at large affects our small family unit--big lessons for all of us these past few months.

We said good-bye to Red Fin and welcomed Sapphire and Apple into our home, and we have been given the precious gift of more time with Sebastien.

Snacks learned to jump off the diving board at Grandma Ruth's, and falling off the tube behind Grampy's boat (and, to his surprise, surviving!) gave Snacks a huge boost of confidence that gets me all "misty" with pride. The little guy who had been afraid of getting his face and hair wet (and whom we had to sponge bathe for 8 months when he was a baby because he would have nothing to do with the tub) has turned into a Real Kid with new big front teeth who tells me over and over how deep under water he went and that he has big plans to dive head-first off the diving board soon.

Sissy has truly turned into a Big Girl--she no longer looks like our little baby, and has really developed an attitude--and style--all her own. This was the summer that we sat down on the floor of her room and went through every single item of her clothing one-by-one and got rid of each item she refused to wear--even the ones I was really sad about giving away. And she conned the unsuspecting Maria into buying her sparkly purple flip-flops two sizes too big when she knew my rule was no flip-flops without back straps at her age!

I'm a little sad that summer's over, but I'm looking forward to my favorite season and the break I'll soon get from the garden and the overwhelming amounts of weeding, watering, and fresh produce (we're up to 33 pounds of tomatoes so far!)--though I know I'll miss it all all too soon.

So here's to you Perfect Summer! Catch ya again next year...