Thursday, August 6, 2009

We still have more than two months to go with the veggie CSA boxes. Every week we venture over to pick up our box, the kids throw the ball for the drop-site doggie, and we head home so I can figure out how to stuff all of those veggies into my already overflowing refrigerator (I haven't been 100% on keeping up with my plan to have all the previous week's veggies eaten before the new ones arrive...).

This week, this kids talked on their zucchini "phones" all the way home. Then Snacks felt compelled to make a "veggie face" out of some of the contents of the box (notice the red pepper and green bean barrette).

He was delighted to find some unusual looking carrots and a "Siamese twin" yellow squash--something you would never see in a grocery store!

Snacks found our very first tiny baby watermelon in our back yard garden today. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our little chipmunk friends (and we use that term loosely) have no interest in watermelons.

It was a busy day for me in the kitchen again. I had a list that seemed a mile long but only got through about half of it (as usual). I pulled apart the chicken that I cooked last night and separated it into batches for eating quickly and freezing. (The days of eating big pieces of chicken as a main dish are temporarily on hold--must stretch chicken as far as we can!) Then I made chicken stock that filled the whole house with wonderful yummy smells all day. Homemade macaroni and cheese (with bits of chicken), fresh green beans, and rhubarb crisp (from the back yard garden) for dinner.

Basil and other herbs will have to wait to be harvested. Again.