Friday, August 21, 2009

Snacks and I spent the better part of the afternoon at Dowling. He worked on some kind of "construction site" for earth worms while I tended to the disaster that is my tomato space. We seem to have a ravaging case of blight and that, coupled with the cheap tomato cages we used, means things are not looking so good over there.

Nevertheless, we hauled 8 more pounds of tomatoes home.

Today's experiment was trying to dehydrate the cherry tomatoes from the CSA box. I think we're close to 11 hours (they were supposed to take 7-11 hours total) and most are not even close to "leathery". I'm not sure I feel like staying up 'til all hours watching over a few cherry tomatoes, but we'll see.

I thought I was pretty ingenious with dinner tonight--used up lots of CSA veggies! Arugula salad with tomatoes (of course) and a cucumber and chives from the back yard. I did a little improvising with Alice Waters' Curly Kale and Potato soup and threw in the rest of the Anderson Farm hot dogs. Truly delicious! (Though, I admit, I was the only one who ate it.)