Friday, July 24, 2009

Today the kids and I went in search of some currant bushes at Natura Farms. We were lucky enough to track down the manager and got tons of information and nine awesome berry bushes to plant in our yard--black, red, and white currants; golden raspberries; and gooseberries (at Snacks' request).

For fun we picked a few pick-your-own gooseberries--which Snacks got to sample from the wild at Dodge's "Nature's Playground" camp last week and has declared to be, "better than all the other berries put together!"-- and some black currants.

We had a picnic lunch near the lake where Sissy could watch the horses-- Castle Rock cheese curds, homemade muffins, and fresh-picked gooseberries.

At home tonight we had to dig up what seemed like gazillions of day lilies to make room for the new berry bushes. I wanted them to go to a good home, so I posted them on FreeCycle. Both families who are coming to get them have six-year-olds, which is helping Snacks feel just the tiniest bit better about getting rid of them. He has been trying to replant them almost as fast as I can dig them up.