Sunday, June 21, 2009

I feel like fresh produce is running my life. I'm remembering now why I've gone with frozen fruits, veggies, and meat for so long--you have to PLAN and stay on top of things when food is fresh. I think I'm much more up for the challenge now, but I definitely have already learned some things about the CSA veggies.

Next week I'll know to use the edible greens from the veggies like radishes and kohlrabi FIRST, and then start in on the salad greens. I'm bummed the veggie greens wilted before we could eat them. I could make chicken stock with them, but I decided with all the "pressure" of the strawberries and my first CSA box, I'll just feed them to my worms. Next week I'll know better!

I've been harvesting and freezing rhubarb today, both from my yard and Dad's. I have such big plans, we really need to get that second basement freezer soon--I'm running out of room and it's only mid-June!

We finished up the last of the fresh strawberries tonight--we got quite a bit of mileage out of our bounty! We had strawberries and cream the first night, baked two strawberry rhubarb crisps last night, and I whipped up some Strawberry Fool for dessert tonight.