Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today I discovered

ANOTHER reason it's important to latch the screen door in the front (the first reason is that Sissy has learned to let herself out and wander off on her own)...

This evening, while I was sitting on the couch reading, Sissy was on the front porch saying "hi" to passers-by. Before long I heard the little girls from next door approach our front door. They said "hi" to Sissy and kept asking her if she was going to come out. Then they tried to bust her out. Luckily, I had remembered to latch the door so they couldn't just let her out--something I hadn't thought to worry about before--but they kept trying and trying while I just sat on the couch quietly listening to the conversation:

Sissy: "Hi!"

M: "Sissy, are you going to come out?"

Sissy: (silence--although there may have been nodding that I couldn't see)

M: "Are you going to come out?"

(Door is banging repeatedly while the girls are trying to pull it open to let her out.)

H: "Sissy, are you home alone?"

M: "Are you home alone?"

H: "Are you home all by yourself?"

(I have no idea what Sissy was doing at this point, maybe nodding, but I DO know that she had NO IDEA what the girls were saying to her... I kept waiting for them to say, "Is your mommy home?" Or, "Where's your mommy?" which she would have understood and could have answered, but they never did).

M: "Oh my gosh! She's home alone!"

H: "You're by yourself in the house?"

M: "I better go tell Mom that Sissy's home BY HERSELF!" (runs off to tell her mom)

But, alas, the pizza delivery man came just at that moment and ruined all my fun.