Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Every day I am amazed

at the differences between my two children.

Today (and many other days) I am thankful that Sissy LOVES taking naps. So much so that when she realized she wasn't going to get one yesterday, she took a pillow off the couch, got one of her bears and a blanket and made her own bed on the floor (thankfully, she was distracted by the tassels on the blanket and never fell asleep--it was too late in the day for napping!).

Naps were a HUGE issue for Snacks. I used to have to take him on "nap rides" every day. He rarely napped at home no matter how much begging, pleading, or screaming I did, and I NEEDED A BREAK! I would sit for as long as 90 minutes in the car with a book or a list of phone calls to make, just to get some time for myself while he slept in the car seat (an enormous contribution to global warming, I know...).

In contrast, I just lay Sissy down in her "pretty bed," say, "Baby go night-night," and I don't hear from her for hours. No kidding.

I earned this girl.