Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snacks Had His First Gymnastics Meet Tonight

Snacks really enjoys tumbling. He gets to socialize with a whole bunch of wiggly five-year-old boys each week, and he doesn't get in trouble for jumping around and using his body. He loves to show everyone we know what pike jumps and tuck jumps and lucky lunges are.

Last week at the last class of the session, Snacks got a ribbon for participating. He has slept with his ribbon every night since.

Weeks ago, Snacks asked me to sign him up for the progressive meet, which was tonight. He was hoping to win ribbons and a trophy, which they all did. I had no idea if he would actually go through with his routines or not, but he did all of them--floor, parallel bars, and rings--and had a lot of fun.

Here is Snacks at the beginning of his floor routine with coach Sue:

And here he is receiving his trophy:

Congratulations, Snacks! We are so proud of you!!