Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tonight I deleted Marlee's Rant. I deleted it because I was no longer blogging for me, but for my readers. I had become more worried about pleasing my readers, than about doing any actual writing, which is what I initially created the blog for.

I was spending too much time obsessing about my layout, how it looked to everyone else, how I always had to keep it fresh (but couldn't), how hard it was to come up with ideas for my readers, and how much time it was all taking away from my family and other things I love to do.

I did a trial run this past week of no posting and no blog networking. I felt downright giddy and free. I took that as a sign.

I am very grateful for all my faithful readers, but I've decided it's time to go back to blogging just for me, which is why I do not have a comment section on this least for now.

And who knows where I'll go from here...