Friday, February 29, 2008

Pieces of History

My mom brought a box of miscellaneous items over the other day. Among the "treasures" were some of my old Brownie badges and this winter hat that Great Aunt Elaine knit for me. Sissy found it and helped herself.

I wonder if my great aunt everdreamed that the hat she was knitting would be worn by her great great niece 37 years later...

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Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, she is amazingly beautiful. :) Consider yourself blessed...oh, and of course cursed---later in life.

Treasures are amazing aren't they? For Christmas a year ago, my mom wrapped up a quilt that my Great Grandma made for BabyAm, BEFORE she was born she gave it to my Grandpa before he passed away for safe keeping...he passed away as well - (before BabyAm was born), but not before telling my mom where it was.

My mom has had it stored in an airtight bag for 15 years (from when she brought it out)...NO ONE (not even her husband) knew it existed and it was for precious is that? (Those memories are the ones we'll never forget)

I'll have to find a picture and blog about it I guess. :)

Take care - You (and your lovely family) always make me smile.