Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mommy's Girl

Sissy has recently taken to getting a book off of the shelf in her room and carrying it into Snacks' room, where she climbs up into the chair at his table and begins "reading" it to herself.

A proud moment for Mommy who's very favorite alone-time pleasure is sneaking away to read a book.


Knitting Mama said...

I love that table & chair set. My son got a Winnie the Pooh set at my baby shower for him, so I don't need any more sets, but I just love that one you have. I think it's from Ikea if I'm not mistaken?

That's so cute that she's reading on her own. Does she actually know how to read? I can't wait for my son to learn to read.

Marlee said...

Yep, IKEA it is!

And, no, she doesn't read yet...I'm working on that with my 4 year-old. THIS one I'm just trying to get to TALK. Just one word--ANY word at all!!! :)

amanda said...

I love reading also. I love that my daughter enjoy it. I'm glad yours does also. Additionally, I love that wall color. It's bright, yet soft in it's own way.
Amanda at Shamelessly Sassy

jennwa said...

You should be very proud. Such a sweet picture.

bermudabluez said...

Precious moment indeed! I so wish that my daughter - who is now 22 - was more of a reader. Maybe when she has more time....she's too busy with life and work and friends right now!! Great post!