Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Star

Snacks and his dad made this Christmas star to go on the top of our tree this year. It's made of cardboard and tinfoil...and a toilet paper roll to hold it onto the tree, which I think was actually Snacks' idea.

It's almost time to take the Christmas tree down and I'm afraid the special star may not be sturdy enough to survive being packed away 'til next I'm saving it here instead.

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klasieprof said...

I love to Scrapbook. Actually I hate it but I love the finished product. I have begun leaving more photos on my blog, because then it is DONE, it's SOMEWHERE, So I think the idea of saving a PHOTO of it is a GREAT IDEA>

On one of the Remodel shows, one of the designers did that to clear out a lot of the Crap the couple had. The man had a 60's Kirby vaccuum cleaner from his grandma..HUGE and big, and took a lot of room. Designer took a couple photos, put 'em in a FRAME..Wahlllaa...they got rid of the bulk, and still had the memory.