Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year-End Frenzy

My list of All the Things I Still Need to Get Done Before the New Year so I Can Start Fresh:
  1. Clean out the basement
  2. Organize all my files
  3. Program all my contacts into my new phone
  4. Figure out how to use my new camera
  5. Get my 2008 calendar all set up
  6. Clean out my mail bin
  7. Send out all my/my children's thank-you notes
  8. Rewrite/reprint all my FlyLady routines
  9. Pick up and organize the whole house including the front porch and closets
  10. Take a load of Everything We Don't Need to donate to ARC
  11. Get caught up on all my magazines so I can recycle them
  12. Clean out both my email in-boxes
  13. Find and return all overdue library books
  14. Return extra Christmas gifts
  15. Map out some structure for my weight loss and workout goals
And only two days to go...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Marlee - found you here via the whole 365 bloggin're right here at Running from Martha, you're much more calm. LOL - I still like the other one just as much. Ok, so I just have to know...does The Fly Lady really help and do you actually do what she says? Additionally, I think I need a to do list...but I too have an issue with adding things to it before crossing others off. You'll notice this is coming from my older blogger account (just moved to wordpress...humm) but I'll get any replys. Best of luck with the list!